RCs are those who accomplish the following responsibilities by complying with given timeline:

  • Review/edit surveys in their respective languages
  • Conduct either paper-based or online paid surveys
  • Enter or deliver the survey data in a Spreadsheet
  • Confirm the accuracy and validity of the delivered data

Benefits and Limitations of RCs

After completing the task of the assigned survey, the RC will receive the “Certificate of Completion” and letter of recommendation (if necessary) to support his/her professional growth or academic advancement. Also, the names of RCs from respective countries will be listed in the GHR website and GHR publications.

Note that the RCs will not be involved in the exchange of data, materials, disclosure of any other confidential information related to the “Global Happiness Research (GHR).” Also, the RCs cannot claim the copyright for the data, reports, and any other published works related to GHR study/project, and they cannot claim any award or prize offered for this (GHR) work.

For more details, please view the sample MOU document.